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An ardent supporter of delivering creative work with children and young people Joe Robinson XL continues to invest in such work in order to share skills and learning with young people. Examples of work, above, include making life-sized dinosaurs, sharks and aeroplanes as well as banners, crafts, constructions and re-enacting events like an Anglo Saxon boat burial and the Great Fire of London.


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Joe Robinson XL also works closely with Tiger Monkey UK, an arts company who specialise in work with young people. The three images below show work with Tiger Monkey include a giant shark, the spectacular construction of a life-sized P51 Mustang aeroplane – as part of an exhibition celebrating the Tuskegee pilots of World War II – and a student portrait project.

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Joe Robinson XL has also delivered a number of fire sculptures engaging children and young people. Often related to curriculum themes these activities engage children and learning in a manner almost unmatched by any other process.


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