Fire Sculpture

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One of the most exciting art forms delivered by Joe Robinson XL is fire sculpture; art constructions which are burnt. Most often as part of celebrations and public events they are also done purely as pieces of site specific live art – or visual art through documentation.

The works are powerful – capturing an audiences’ attention in a way little else can do. The mixture of art and the elemental nature of fire make them truly stunning events.


Alongside more conceptual work public fire events have covered every theme from legends and folk-lore through to re-enactments and commemorations.

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Some projects have worked with public participation in construction as well as linking with the Fire & Rescue Service to promote fire safety. Fire sculptures have also been delivered at a number of schools using curriculum themes – including an Armada fire-ship and the Great Fire of London.


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Events can be large public events or small intimate activities and  delivered in a wide range of environments. All work is carried out within a strict safety code.

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